How to Find the Perfect Roommate

After deciding on which college I was attending, the next step was to find a roommate. If your college allows you to pick a roommate then here are some tips to finding the perfect one!


Join Facebook groups

Your college will more than likely have a page on facebook dedicated to your graduating class. All you need to do is log onto facebook and search your college’s name, followed by your graduating class year. This will have students who are looking for roommates or maybe just people looking for friends in college.

Write a post on the page saying a little bit about yourself and what you want in a roommate. For example:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am from ____. I am easy going, neat and outgoing. I am looking for a roommate for this fall and am looking to stay in ___ residence hall. I am majoring in ___ and some of my interests and hobbies include ____. Message me if you are interested in being roommates or have any other questions!

You want to highlight your best qualities that make you sound like a good person to live with, if you are a messy person chances are that is not going to work in college so I would start working on becoming more neat and organized.


Be Open Minded

You aren’t going to find a roommate overnight, for me it took about two months of looking and I talked to around thirty girls until I found someone I clicked with. It is important not to rush into this process and become roommates with the first person you talk to because you are going to be living in close quarters with this person and spending a lot of time with them.


Ask Questions

Always ask a potential roommate a lot of questions to get a feel for what type of person they are and what they are hoping to get out of college. For example if you know you have never been big into partying make sure to ask them how often they plan to go out and things of that nature.


Establish Boundaries

Even early on it is important to establish boundaries. Let them know when you plan to go to bed, how you feel about having people in the dorm, what your ideal study environment is. These are all important factors and can make living with someone a lot less confrontational and go a lot smoother.

Realtionships are obviously going to be a thing with some people you come across, establish how often they plan on having their significant other over just to make sure it won’t interfere with you and your dorm experience.


Clean Up Your Social Media

This was one of the first things I did when I started searching for a roommate. Delete any old and embarrassing posts from all your social media platforms, it makes you look more professional and let’s face it you needed to get rid of those posts. Anything you wouldn’t want to see on a potential roommates social media should be something you should delete to ensure you look professional and serious about college.


Talk About Dorm Ideas

Everyone wants their dorm to look good, once you find someone who you think is a good fit for you make sure you establish things like color scheme, what you have purchased, what they have purchased and any future planned purchases. This eliminates the possibility of buying duplicate things and makes sure the dorm will looked as put together as possible.


Meet Up If Possible

I was fortunate enough for my roommate to only live about ten minutes from me so we tend to get lunch and just get to know each other better. If your roommate lives far away see if there is any possibility of meeting up before college. People are a lot different through social media and messaging than they are in person so it may be worth it to take a mini road trip to go and meet them.

If your college does only random assignment then you will get the contact information of the person and can plan meeting up that way if it is something you both really want to do.




I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Follow my blog to see posts like this daily!

Comment down below some posts you would like to see in the future or any questions you may have!

Happy Searching- Karla




4 thoughts on “How to Find the Perfect Roommate

  1. Oh god, Meet Up is definitely the most important. Even social media can be misleading. For me, because I’ve been living in college-owned apartments, we all met up over dinner at my place and really got a feel for each other. I hope you get some good roommates!

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