What Clothes am I Bringing to College?

Packing clothes for me has always been something that I overthink and tend to usually overpack. Whether I was going on vacation for a couple weeks for just going away for the weekend the amount of clothes I brought seemed to be about the same.

I recently made a list to make packing up my clothes for college much easier and a lot more organized. Here is what I plan to bring:

Sweatshirts (3)

I live in Michigan so weather can be very bipolar, while I am confident the first couple months will be on the hot side you never know when a cold front might come through. Sweatshirts are great to go to bonfires at night to because they keep you nice and warm when it may get a little chilly.


Rain Coat

Summer thunderstorms can be unpredictable and come up out of no where so a rain coat is essential for getting from class to class without getting completely soaked.


T-shirts (10)

Currently t-shirts are usually what I wear on a typical summer way, I have a lot of them and they are a good casual way to stay cool. I will probably be wearing t-shirts a majority of the time during the warmer months.


Nice shirts (10)

When you are feeling like dressing up a little bit cute tops are the way to go. I plan to bring a variety of different designs and colors of shirts so I can style them differently and look put together.



During the summer I usually wear some comfortable casual sandals which are easy to slip on and let my feet breathe.


Nike Shoes

A good pair of tennis shoes is a necessity for college, you are going to be doing a lot of hiking and it is important to have a durable and comfortable shoe that will last a long time.


Combat boots

Combat boots can be styled with multiple outfits and are a comfy option to wear. I don’t plan on wearing them too much in the summer but definitely in the fall when it starts to get a little chilly outside.


Jeans (3)

Jeans are easy to style and you can turn a simple outfit into something nice with the right pair of jeans. I plan to bring a pair of light wash jeans, dark jeans, olive green jeans and a maroon colored pair to give me options.


Athletic Shorts (10+)

I plan to bring every pair of athletic shorts I own mainly because they are good to go to class in, good to sleep in and are overall a comfortable option. During the summer months of high school this is mostly what everyone wore because they are loose and comfortable to sit in during a long class.


Sweatpants (4)

During the colder months sweatpants are a good option to lounge around in and are comfortable to wear. I always wore these as soon as I got home from school to do homework in and study in.


Dresses/Rompers (2-3)

When looking to go out it is important to have options to wear, a simple t-shirt dress with certainly do the trick. Some days you just feel like dressing up so when that happens I want options to be able to choose from.



I personally love wearing hats, especially when my hair may be a little greasy or just doesn’t want to corporate a hat is a good option to wear. You can also style hats with outfits to give them a little something as well.



I plan to bring a good amount of all of these just so I don’t run out when I let the laundry pile up. I will also make sure to bring different types of bra’s like sports bra’s, bralettes and regular everyday bra’s.



I hope you enjoyed this post and found it hopeful! Let me know in the comments below what you guys plan to bring to college and any questions or suggestions for future posts you might have!


Happy Packing- Karla



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