Preparing for College

I absolutely can not believe that I move into college in 17 days. It seems like I was just getting my acceptance letter and just graduating high school. Being a first generation college student I am basically doing this blindly, I have read countless posts and watched videos on how to prepare for college so here are some things I have been doing to get prepared.


Getting Educated

College involves so many things I never really had any prior knowledge about. For example I never knew how to take out loans which I just had to do. I started reading more into it and looking at the best way’s to plan payment for loans so I am not so far in debt I can’t function. Right now I am paying about $600 a month which is very expensive, be  prepared to have to spend a lot. I have had a job since the day I turned 16 and have been saving up ever since, you want to start saving now so things come easier later.


Getting Organized

I have never been one to be organized so this is definitely a hard thing for me to do. I have purchased a planner to help keep me organized throughout school as well as set up my google calendar and programmed my classes, important events and reminders to blog. This has helped me visualize my week and what my weeks are going to look like once I start college. Taking 15 credits I want to make sure I stay organized and block out time for things like studying and homework so I can stay on track.


Getting Involved

I have recently began looking into what organizations and clubs I would maybe like to join. It is important to get involved because it is a good way to make friends and connections that will be helpful in the future. There is a club or organization for just about anything and joining is easy and fun. You can look up the different organizations your college has on their website and see what will fit you best.


Getting Prepared

I have been making lists of what I need to purchase as well as packing lists. This is essential so move-in day goes as smoothly as possible. Figure out what dorm things you need, school supplies and more importantly textbooks! You want to make sure you have everything you need so you don’t stress out last minute because you forgot this or don’t have it. Look into what classes require textbooks and how much they are going to cost in the long run.


Getting Excited

Last of all it is important to start getting excited about going to college! It is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud you are going. Get some college merch to show off your school spirit and plan on going to different sporting events to support your school. It is normal to feel nervous, I know I am. But more importantly be excited for the changes and friendships college is going to bring you!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you!

Are you excited for college? Nervous? Let me know in the comments!

What other posts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy Preparing- Karla


38 thoughts on “Preparing for College

  1. Freshman year is such a crazy experience. Especially the first few months the amount that friend groups completely change in the first few months is nuts but try to stay relaxed about floating around a while until you find the people who help you be the best you. Don’t spend time with people who you think are cool or popular, honestly no one other than those people care about any of that stuff so there are no real cool or popular kids. Also two think you probably wouldn’t think of bringing but I really wish I had my freshman year is a door stop to hold your door open when you want (socially or just moving in and out it’s helpful) and carpet cleaner &/or kitty litter. This is an odd one but it’s for people throwing up on carpet kids don’t know their alcohol tolerance going into freshman year even if they think they do and either you your roommate or a friend will throw up on a bit so easy to clean surface almost for sure. Even if you aren’t planing on or don’t drink idk still recommend it, if anything you’d be a life saver for someone else in your hall. I have such a ridiculous amount of freshman year knowledge on basically everything so if you want to pick my brain on anything or just talk though things before or during Im alway happy to chat. My email is ok my blog but DM’ing me ok insta is probably the easiest. I hope you have an awesome first year and meet tons of amazing new people ❤️

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  2. Jeez, I am so jealous of you!! It feels like yesterday I was at my undergrad, experiencing new things like everyday. I’m in grad school now and miss undergrad SO MUCH. It’s good that you want to get involved in clubs and stuff. It’s the best way to make friends and memories. Sometimes freshman and new students think it’s lame or stupid to go to the events set up specifically for them, but I highly recommend them. Lots of work goes into planning them and they’re generally free and surprisingly fun or at least informative about your campus. Lol. I know you’ve probably got a ton of resources but if you want or need any advice or anecdotes I would be happy to share!
    Great post ♥️

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  3. It’s awesome that you’re paying off your loans while you’re in school! I didn’t start paying off my loans until my junior year and I definitely wish that I started sooner. You’re on the right track! Good luck in college!

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  4. As far as textbooks go be sure to check out! It has been the most convenient and cheap option I have found. Never settle for the University book store prices, they are always outrageous. I am the oldest in my family and all my mom’s college tips were out-of-date so I know how you feel girl!

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  5. First of all, congrats on getting admitted. I remember it was a really exciting time for me last year. Second, don’t worry too much about preparing for it. College (especially your freshman year) will probably be much easier than high school (academically speaking). I would suggest for you to take care of buying all the stuff, filling out paperwork, etc… before starting college but to not worry about things like finding clubs and organizations too much beforehand. Many of them will be different in real life than what you can find online about them, anyways. I have also found some group on my campus that weren’t advertised online at all. Also, don’t be afraid to fail. No. I don’t mean failing your classes. But I do mean, failing to find the right club, failing to find the right friends, failing to get an internship your freshman year, etc… Everyone sometimes fails at those sort of things, especially at the beginning, so it’s 100% normal. The best thing that you can do (when you get to University. You can also try to do this online but it will be easier once you arrive) is find somebody who is in your University and in your desired major and than ask them for advice about your University. He or she will probably be much more helpful in terms of giving you advice that specifically relates to your University (since there are some things that are the same between different colleges but a lot of things are college and major specific).

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  6. Yay congrats!! For textbooks, check out Amazon, Kindle, and Chegg, they are by far the cheapest and best options, unless you can find someone that still has the book so you can borrow it! Don’t buy or rent books until you are 100% you need them. Pretty much every class will give you at least a week before you really need the book. I personally have taken 25 college classes thus far, and books were “required” for at least 15 of them, but I have only rented books for three classes. You’ll figure out what works for you! And take a really deep breath and go in with no expectations. Your college experience will be totally different than anything you have read or heard about. Don’t plan on anything, leave your mind open, and become a sponge…learn from everyone (even mean friends, bad professors, or just generally rude people) and from everything (class, adventures, what happens if you stay up for 24 hours).


  7. Thanks for liking my recent post! Good luck in college! This is such an exciting season for you! I long for my college years. I wish I had always remembered, even when times get rough, to live in the moment and enjoy it!

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  8. Congrats on getting into college. I’m assuming it’s about that time for you to move in. I can just imagine your excitement!

    When I went to college, I tried to get involved in as many clubs as possible. It’s a major plus if you jump from a community college to university, or want to go on to grad school.

    Getting organized is also super important as lecturers will not be on you for homework the way teachers did in high school. You complete the requirements, or you fail. And that’s that. Considering how expensive college is, organization is the top thing you’ll need to conquer

    Drop by for tips anytime. Our entire blog is dedicated to college stories, tips and advice.

    All the best!

    – Alex

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  9. Coming from a college sophomore, this is such great advice! Keep trying to better yourself and it’s amazing what you can accomplish:) Hope you enjoy/are enjoying college!

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  10. College is an amazing experience! I’m heading back in 8 days and can’t wait😍 during my first program I let myself get too distracted by my social life and ended up dropping out😞 you have to find a good balance! Best of luck❤ I recently put up a post with my major tips and tricks, feel free to check it out! Congrats & best of luck😊

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