Preparing for College: Clothing Haul!

I recently did some shopping for back to school clothes in preparation for college. Everything I bought was on sale so I ended up getting amazing deals on everything I bought. I thought I would share with you guys what I bought and how I plan to wear them!

This olive green stripped dress I got from Khols! It’s fitted and really flattering which is why I fell in love with it. It is by the brand Mudd and was on clearance for only $9.00! I wore this to my birthday dinner yesterday with a pair of brown wedges and it made a great dressy outfit yet was very comfortable. You can find and purchase this dress here.

I also got this shirt from Khols and it was on clearance for $3.00! I plan to tie the side and wear it as a crop top with some jean shorts or tuck it into the shorts and wear it that way. I love getting clothes I can wear different ways because it gives me so many more options on how to wear it based on the style I’m going for. You can find and purchase this shirt here.

Although I do have a lot of track shorts and lounge shorts the price on these was one I couldn’t pass up! Each of these was on sale for $7.00! I love to wear athletic shorts in the summer if I’m going somewhere chill or to sleep in. They are super comfortable and allow your legs to breathe in the hot summer months. You can find and purchase these here.

I love simple black shirts like these because you can always style them to look cute. This shirt was only $5.00 and is super lightweight and comfortable. I plan to wear this tucked into cute shorts or left untucked, either way its cute! You can find and purchase this shirt here.



I absolutely love body suits so when I found this one I had to get it! This was on sale for $7.00 and is super comfortable to wear. Body suits are easy to style and look good wherever you are going and they. stay in place which is a plus. You can find and purchase this here.

I went through the shoe section at Burlington just to see if they had anything I might like. I stumbled across a couple pairs of Calvin Klein Jeans Shoes! I loves these as soon as I tried them on and the best part was the suede pair was only $25.00 and the white pair was $15.00! This was an amazing find and I got these at a steal price thankfully. I am excited to wear these in college and style them with alot of different outfits!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I love sharing my purchases with you guys!

What is your essential college outfit?

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Happy Shopping- Karla


5 thoughts on “Preparing for College: Clothing Haul!

  1. 🙌🏼 loved this! Good luck in college, I’m sure you’re going to knock it out of the park! I actually just published a “Back to School Essentials: College Edition” post over on my blog today! I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what your back to school must-haves are! Thanks for sharing!

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