I move into college in 10 days and I still can’t believe it. I haven’t begun packing yet which I should probably start doing! I have always loved school supply shopping mainly because it is just fun and a way to get excited about the upcoming school year. I did have a lot of stuff leftover from last year and I have already bought some things so hear is what I got:


Notebooks and Folders

I have never been one for binders mainly because they are bulky and take up too much space. I like to be organized and have a set of things for each class so I can keep everything separated. I got a notebook as well as a matching color folder for each class to make it easy to keep track of which supplies are for which class. I always get my notebooks and folders from the Five Star brand mainly because they last me the entire school year and are made of good quality plastic so they do not rip or fall apart!



I absolutely love writing my notes in pen mainly because it is easy on my hand and makes note taking easy. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 gel pens in the .07mm tip. These pens glide and last a long time and are just my favorite pens to use. I got two packs or three black ones as well as a multi color pack because I do like to color code my notes!


Index Cards

I love studying vocabulary and terms using notecards because it is an easy and effective way for me to remember things. In the past I have used the app Quizlet which I highly recommend if you don’t want to lug around a bunch of notecards! It’s a free flash card app that has a lot of different subjects and flashcards you can search that were created by different people.


Scissors, Whiteout, Glue

I thought I would need these things just because you never know when you are going to get assigned a project or something where you need to get a little crafty. I absolutely love Whiteout mainly because I like my notes to look clean and mistake free.



These are one of the things I had leftover from last year mainly because I never really used them. This year I plan to use them to study and take notes from my textbooks just as a visual way to keep my information organized and informative.


Pencils and Pencil Pouch

I absolutely hate writing in pencil and will only do it when required to. Getting a pencil pouch allows me to keep all my pens, highlighters and pencils together and organized. It is easy to pull out in class and carry around wherever you go.



I mentioned in my dorm haul that I had got a planner, it is a simple Blue Skies planner in the pink marble design. I hope this will keep me organized and I plan to write down everything I need to know or remember in it as a way to stay on top of things and achieve my goal of getting a 4.0 this semester.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

When do you start school? Are you excited? Nervous? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy Shopping- Karla

26 thoughts on “School Supplies Haul: College Edition

  1. I love back to school shopping! I’m so sad that I don’t have to shop for school supplies this year. I have so much stuff left over from last year that I only need some pens and small stuff like that. I really enjoyed your post!

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  2. Awesome list! I start back Monday. I’ll miss sleeping in until 9, but I’ll admittedly by glad to have most of the day to myself, even if it is spent studying and in lectures. Routine is around the corner! Happy packing and good luck on your first day!

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  3. I’m so excited for you to go off to school, it’s a crazy, wild ride so enjoy every moment of it! Getting my school supplies before going off to school was one of my favorites, you definitely got all the essentials!

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  4. Lovely post! You did a great job on this haul! Some professors put out their syllabi and what not on Blackboard/whatever platform your school uses. If you find your syllabi, go ahead and read them. Best wishes for your first year!

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  5. Your planner will definitely be a big help. Fun tip, I tape/glue all of my syllabi to the front of my notebook or folder that I’m using for that class. I also highlight the important dates to keep me organized. College is amazing! Enjoy every minute of it.

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  6. First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Had you not done so, I would not have found yours, and I am looking forward to following you along your way and giving some tips that I learned from the one year I spent on campus. As you read on my blog, I did not have the best experience in college, however, I can say that having all of the essentials did help make life slightly easier.
    I never used a planner because I hated how small the monthly calendars are. I hate looking at one week, rather I plan the month. I was given a large dry erase calendar (the one with a spot for the calendar, notes on the side, and a cork board). I hung it right above my desk and used it every day. I had gotten colored dry erase markers so I could write the due dates for each class in a different color. Probably my saving grace.
    Also depending on how your classes are spread and if you plan to go back to your dorm between or stay on campus will determine what type of back pack you are going to want. I used one of the free drawstring bags they gave us at orientation for my first semester because my books weren’t as heavy and I only carried one at a time. It broke the first week of the second semester due to the fact I had back to back class-work-class and had to carry my entire day with me.
    As for high lighters and note cards, it really depends on what your major is in. I had taken classes outside of my major and used them all the time (intro to social work and intro to psychology), as well as some of my gen ed classes. My major is Child development and most of it all comes natural or stuff I have learned 10 times over, so I have had no need for notecards.

    Side note: I also did the colored folder and matching colored notebook, but again, I only used them for gen ed and elective courses as my degree I knew most of the content already. I am starting my senior year and still have all of my folders and notebooks tucked away somewhere from freshman year.

    The last side note, I saw you are a Chip. Good luck but Go Broncos =)

    Look forward to getting to know you better.
    Lazy Lassie

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  7. !
    slope tone: I also did the colored folder and co-ordinated colored tonebook, but again, I only used them for gen ed and elective courses as my grade I knew most of the cognitive content already.

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