Being that the new year is just a few days a way I though I would compile a list of some goals I want to achieve in 2018! I make one of these every year and usually fall short with some of them but I really want to try and accomplish almost everything I have in mind!

  • Reach 1,500 followers on this blog

I am at almost 700 followers as of right now but in the new year I really want to grow my blog and make it into something big that can be seen and read by thousands of people!

Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platforms and posting more content as well as gaining followers is something I would really like to have happen!

  • Do well in college

My first semester went very smooth and I hope this semester will be the same! I want to tweak my study habits a little bit and ultimately do better as a student!

  • Learn how to do makeup better

This is a big one for me personally because I love wearing makeup but I have no clue how to do it the way some people do. I am good at the basic foundation, concealer, mascara and highlighter, but I would love to become better at eyeshadow and things of that nature

  • Find a summer job

I have been working at a local restaurant as a waitress and hostess for about two years and love it. However it just doesn’t bring in the money I need to pay my tuition so with that being said I would like to find a better job that can let me afford my college tuition and then some.

  • Begin looking into internships

Even though I am a freshman I really want to start looking into internships and possibly securing a spot for one because the sooner I can get one and start earning experience the better, I would also like to network and build connections in the healthcare field.

  • Lose weight and work out regularly

Although this is a basic goal I do really want to lose all the weight I have gained while at college and get into good shape again. Now that I have gyms around campus I will have no excuse for not working out

  • Put myself out there more

Typically I am a more introverted person and while that isn’t a bad thing it is something I want to work on and put myself out there more to make new friends and just do things that are a little outside my comfort zone.

  • Be a better and more understanding person

I want to try and be a better and more understanding person when it comes to friendships and letting go of grudges. Anything that happened in 2017 I’m going to let go and just start fresh!


What are some of your goals for the new year?

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17 thoughts on “My Goals For 2018!

  1. good luck with all your goals!! reaching more readers is on my list of goals as well! Congrats on having 700 followers on this blog! I hope all your goals for this year come true

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