Every year I make a bucket list in attempts to encourage myself to be more adventurous and not lose sight of what I want to do. However, I come up short every year and accomplish maybe 1/3 of the list. This year I want that to be different, I want to be able to make this year memorable!

  • Go to Harry Potter World!

Image result for harry potter world

This is for sure my #1 bucket list goal and not only that but my dream! I absolutely love everything to do with Harry Potter and have wanted to visit the Harry Potter world in Florida since it has opened!

  • Go zip lining!

I am absolutely terrified of heights, and I want to be able to conquer that fear so I have no reason to let it hold me back in the future! I have zip lined in the past and had a panic attack almost every time which takes away the potential fun and adventure.

  • Go to Mackinac Island

Living in Michigan I am absolutely appalled that I have not visited Mackinac Island yet and that is for sure somewhere id like to travel this year! Hopefully with family or a group of friends, either way I want to go and get some of the amazing fudge they are known for!

  • Visit Pictured Rocks

Image result for pictured rocks michigan

Again another travel goal, but pictured rocks looks absolutely beautiful! To add onto that I have never been to the UP so I think this road trip up to see the beauty Pictured Rocks holds would be an amazing experience and memory in itself!

  • Travel out of the state

This is something I really want to accomplish mainly because I don’t get out of Michigan very often. I would love to go to Chicago or Myrtle Beach for sure but honestly anywhere would do!

  • Go to a concert

With all the artists I have fell in love with I would absolutely love to go and see a concert! The last concert I went to was to see Justin Bieber and that was a couple years ago. I would like to see Khalid, Lorde, Adele or Sam Smith for sure just because of how obsessed I have become with their music lately!

  • Go to a Detroit Tigers game

I have not been to a Tigers game in so long and with my love of baseball I would love to go see them with family or friends!

  • Go white water rafting!

Going white water rafting is something I have always wanted to do! Although it seems a little dangerous it is still an adventure id love to have and a memory I would keep forever!

  • Have a picnic with friends

I know this may sound cheesy but I love doing old fashion things and spending time with my friends because I am so happy and care free around them!

  • Go tubing down a river

I absolutely love tubing and the thought of just chilling with friends while floating down a river sounds like a blast!

Those are my top bucket list goals that I want to accomplish in 2018! I will post and update as I cross them off the list!


What are some of your bucket list goals?

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24 thoughts on “My Bucket List For 2018!

  1. I wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when I was in Florida over the summer, but grandma wouldn’t take me. 😦 It was only an hour away from her house, but she said she doesn’t like driving on the highway that you have to take to get there. So sadly, I’ll probably never get to go. 😦 I really want to go zip lining too!

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  2. My 9th grade year in HS, I was on the drill team. Our annual trip was going to Disney world/Orlando studios. I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t watch Harry Potter. I’ve never really seen the movies, never read the books, nothing. I’d probably love it if I actually watched it, so I don’t know why I haven’t! But we went to World of Harry Potter and even though I wasn’t a fan, it was still so much fun. I knew enough about HP to enjoy it and the rides were worth the hours long wait! So for someone who absolutely loves HP, I can’t imagine how much fun you’ll have!

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