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So obviously staying organized in college can be a huge struggle, but here are some of my tips for staying organized in college!

  • Google Calendar 

So I use google calendar for everything! I use to add in my classes, work schedule, sorority events and any other events I have going on! I also will add due dates for important assignments as well as exams and quizzes. In addition, there is also an add-on for Google Calendar called Google Tasks. It is basically a checklist that I use for all my assignments, readings, grocery lists and any other reminders I have for the week.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 4.36.22 PM.png

  • Physical Planner

I personally don’t use a physical planner much, just because they aren’t very useful to me. However, keeping a physical planner and using it like I use google calendar is essentially the same thing! Some people prefer physical planners and other prefer digital planners! A huge part of doing the best you can in college is staying organized and on top of assignments to prevent forgetting about them and possibly an important quiz or exam!

  • Inputting all assignments from syllabus in a planner

A big thing that has lead to my success in college is going through my syllabi as soon as I get them and putting in all assignments, exams and important dates in my planner. This allows me to visualizes my weeks and how much work I have to complete as well as it prevents me from missing any important assignments and deadlines. I find it also keeps me on top of my assignments and I have done so much better in all of my classes since I started doing this.

  • Keep backpack and workspace organized 

I am so guilty of just throwing random things in my backpack and at the end of the semester I have to clean out all the clutter and unnecessary things. Not only does this crowd my backpack but it makes finding things a lot harder. In addition, keeping my desk clean is a must in order to keep my motivation up. If I come home and my desk is dirty and cluttered I won’t want to do any of my homework. I usually take time each night to clean both my desk and my backpack just to ensure everything is as organized as possible.

  • Identify an effective note-taking strategy

When I first came to college I didn’t really know how to take notes so I would write everything my professor said down and my notes became a big, jumbled, unorganized mess. It is so important to identify a system that is both effective and neat, to ensure you are not only picking out the most important material but you are retaining the information as well. I personally use different colors for different things, for example, I use black for headings, blue for information under the heading, red for definitions and green for any super important information.


There are some of my college organization tips that have helped me do the best I can in college! I hope you guys enjoyed!


What are some of your organization tips for college?

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7 thoughts on “College Organization Tips!

  1. I struggle to find a digital space that keeps me organized; however, google calendar is a great one! Compartmentalizing classes, assignments and appointments is the key to college success. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I stumbled onto your blog after deep diving into the search tool for WordPress. I’m so glad your blog came up!!!! I’m a big organizational freak and this post was very simple and organized and helpful! I’m excited to read more from you!

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