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This post was highly requested on my Instagram so here it is! I also have an announcement so be sure to read the end of this post! If you have any post ideas or posts you would like to see please comment below! Here are my favorite classes I have taken thus far in my college career!

  • PSY 250: Abnormal Psychology

This class has to be one of my favorite classes I have taken here at central, the content was interesting and the professor was passionate about the course throughout. I took this because I was originally a psychology minor, which I have decided to drop and switch to a leadership minor instead, but I do not regret taking this course whatsoever. It provided me with insight on different mental illnesses and how they affect people in different ways. I learned a lot about illnesses that I personally related to and it gave me a better idea as to why I might experience anxiety and different ways to go about treating it. I received a B in this class, mainly because I did not work as hard as I should have, but the content and professor made this class amazing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in psychology!

  • LDR 200: Introduction to Leadership

This was the first course I took as a part of my leadership minor and it has been my all-time favorite class I have taken. The class was set up so each person was apart of a “family”, basically the group you would be with the entire class and complete activities and projects with. My family was amazing to work with and we still keep in contact even though the class has ended. I got to complete team building activities, learn more about who I am as a leader, rock climb, and by far the most impactful activity we did was ziplining. I have a huge fear of heights, and this activity challenged me to push past the discomfort and fear. We had to climb a twenty-foot ladder up to a platform where we were hooked up to a zip line, we had to say something we wanted to leave on top of that platform, something that has held us back in our lives. For me, I said not being able to truly love myself was something I wanted to leave on the platform, after that we had to fall backward, trusting the zip line to catch us and carry us to the bottom. I remember physically shaking and not being able to control it, a pit formed in my stomach and I began to cry because I was afraid. Finally, I let go of this fear and fell backward, landing safely on the ground. This class taught me so much about myself and has been by far the most impactful class I have had.

  • HSC 507: Introduction to Health Service Organization System

This course was one of the first I took for my major, and it really made me realize my passion for the healthcare system and how much I wanted to change it. We watched a video entitled “Escape Fire”, it was about the U.S health care system and how corrupt and broken it really is, and before seeing this film I did not realize how bad it really was. After watching this film I had a moment where I truly realized why I was majoring in Health Administration, to help people, and that has always been a passion of mine. My professor for this class, who is also my advisor, was very upfront and unlike any professor, I have had before. He really wanted us to succeed, he didn’t want us to worry about our grade but instead focus on the content he was teaching. I appreciate the content this class taught me about not only the healthcare system but about myself as well.

  • HSC 333: Managing Health Populations

I didn’t necessarily like the content in this class, I more am listing this class because of the professor. She has been one of the best professors I have ever had, she really cares about us as students and if we ever had something come up she was super understanding and was always willing to work with us. She also went out of her way to make organize the rest of my classes and set up my course plans for the rest of my time at central. The content in this class was interesting at sometimes, we learned a lot about epidemiology which is very interesting to me. Overall I loved this class because of my amazing professor and all the friends I made in this course!


There are my favorite classes I have taken so far! I am only in my 4th semester of college, so im sure this list will grow as I get farther into my college career. Just to clarify I am majoring in Health Administration with a minor in Leadership!


What are some of your favorite classes you have taken?

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