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This was highly requested for me to do and I got a bunch of questions from you guys! If you would like to send in questions or ask for advice you can message me on instagram(@liveitwithkarla), comment below or email me at lifewithkarla@gmail.com! Let’s get into answering your guy’s questions!

  • How do you deal with roommate issues?

So this question is one I got multiple times and I can totally understand why. For most of us, college is going to be the first time you live with roommates that you don’t know, and it can be rough. Last year I lived in a 4 person dorm with 3 random girls, and it was a big adjustment, to say the least. The first thing to do is sit down and discuss rules, whether you are okay with overnight guests, how clean the dorm needs to be kept, whether or not you are comfortable with your things being borrowed and one of the most important things to discuss is partying, whether or not you are okay with typical party activities happening in the dorm.

One of the main issues we had as roommates was the lack of common courtesy. When living with other people you have to respect that you are not the only one sharing that space, so good things to do are ask before you have guests over or let your roommates know you are having a hard week academically and would prefer to keep the dorm quieter for the week. Any issue can be resolved and if you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own then seek out the help or advice of your RA, that is what they are there for! Focus on your academics and don’t allow roommate issues to impact the way you perform in your classes!

  • Advice for someone who has never partied before? How do I handle college party culture without getting overwhelmed?

First off you do not have to party in college, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Partying in college is very controversial but also a big part of the culture. If you do decide to party, stay safe and know your limits. Always go out in a group of 4 or bigger and establish a buddy for the night so the both of you can look out for each other and make sure the both of you are safe. It is so important to know your limits in terms of how comfortable you are going out, if you don’t feel comfortable going to a big party then don’t go, if your friends are true friends they will respect your decision not to go and won’t push you to do something you don’t want to.

  • How did you choose your major and why?

Originally when I committed to my college I was a pre-pa major focusing in biomedical. I think this had a lot to do with being a first-generation college student, I wanted to become a doctor and make my family proud even if it wasn’t the fit for me. I had a realization that what I was doing wasn’t the best choice, I wasn’t a science person by any means and I didn’t want to be stressed out my entire college career. So I set up a phone appointment with an academic advisor a month before I started my freshman year and she put me in more exploratory classes to figure out what was truly right for me.

When I started taking interest in Health Administration I met with an advisor for that specific major and instantly fell in love, the idea of still being able to help people but doing it in a different way really made me happy and I knew I choose the right major. It is however totally okay to not know what you want to do, just know that in time you will figure out what truly makes you happy, don’t focus on the amount of schooling or the salary you might receive but what truly is going to make you happy in the long run!

  • I don’t know if you have talked about this but do you deal with mental illness in college? How do you handle it?

This is something I haven’t really talked about but I’m happy to share some coping mechanisms I have adopted throughout the past year. I have always been a very anxious person, but I just figure it was nerved and it was something everyone dealt with. I finally was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about a year prior to coming to college, and it has truly changed my life. I personally take medication that helps control my anxiety and depression, but some days are worse than others. When I first moved to college I would get really homesick and depressed to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed to do anything. That is when I started going to a counselor, something I had never done before.

Being able to talk to someone and just have them listen is an amazing feeling, I was able to express these feelings and she provided me with different ways of handling what I was dealing with. This truly helped me get my depression under control, and while sometimes it would flare up, I knew that it would pass and I would be happy again. I also developed very bad test anxiety, I always felt that I was going to fail a test, no matter how much I studied for it, I would get my grades back and I would always do better than I had told myself.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, in college, there are a lot more people suffering from it than you will know, it is important to know you aren’t alone. Surround yourself with amazing people who will lift you up and remind you why you are on this journey and never lose sight of your dreams and goals.

  • Tips for someone interested in joining a sorority?

So I recently joined a service sorority on campus which means I am not apart of a “true greek” sorority. Basically, we don’t participate in rushing and instead, we do 2 weeks of recruitment followed by a new member period so my sorority does things a little differently but I still do experience the culture of a sorority. Recruitment and meeting all of the girls is a bit intimidating, mainly because I was worried about saying the wrong this and messing up but it honestly is all about being your honest and true self. I remember feeling nervous before I would go to events but once I started to get to know the girls it made me feel so much better.

I would recommend going into everything with an open mind and open heart, be ready to get out of your comfort zone and spend a large amount of your time talking to new people and getting to know them. Also, make friends in your new member class(the people you rush with) because you are all in the same boat and can talk to each other and voice any concerns. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a bid from the sorority you really wanted, there are always others and take it as an opportunity to realize that maybe that sorority wasn’t a good fit for you! A sorority is all about being apart of a sisterhood and experiencing amazing things with amazing people, you will not regret following your heart and creating bonds and friendships with everyone!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and like I said before please feel free to comment any questions below about anything! Also if you have any situations you want advice on comment those as well! You can also dm me on instagram: liveitwithkarla or email me: lifewithkarla@gmail.com!

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One thought on “Q&A Sunday pt.1: College, Lifestyle, Sorority and Much More!

  1. First of all, Thanks Karla for writing such a beautiful blog post. 🙂
    These questions and your answers remind my college days time.
    College is the place where you can find every breed of people and you have lot of ability to learn from those ( i.e only their good actions) bad actions or behavior must be ignored or neglected 🙂


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