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I have been absolutely obsessed with listening to music and discovering new artists and genres lately! I have been making a separate playlist for each month in order to prevent myself from listening to the same things over and over again! So here are some of my favorite songs right now! Don’t forget to follow me on Spotify! 

A snap of magical Paris After a long drive we are in Vienna Austria. It's half past midnight & I'm up finishing up some design work while P sleeps from an exhaustive day bike riding and driving. Tr. Don't we all that nostalgic Spotify playlist_


Here is my June Playlist!



Favorite Songs:

Alaska– Maggie Rogers

Motion Sickness– Phoebe Bridgers

High Horse– Kacey Musgraves

Grow as We Go– Ben Platt

Free Animal– Foreign Air

La Song– Lewis Watson

Not What I Meant- Dodie (ft. Lewis Watson)

Up, Up and Away- Chance Pena

Rose-Colored Boy– Paramore

figure it out– Faith Marie

21– Mitch James

bad guy– Billie Eilish


There are my current music favorites! What have you guys been listening to lately?

Please feel free to comment any questions below about anything! Also if you have any situations you want advice on comment those as well! You can also dm me on instagram: liveitwithkarla or email me: lifewithkarla@gmail.com!

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