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This post was highly requested so I figured I might as well do it! These methods of organization have been getting me through college for the past 2 years and work for me! Of course, everyone is different so these are some ways I stay organized in college!

  • Google Calendar

So Below I have included a screenshot of what my current google calendar looks like to give you a visual! Each week I go through and put in all the different events I have in my calendar, giving each different area their own color.

I have found that color coding is really what makes this method effective because it allows me to look at everything at a glance in order to see how busy I am going to be during the week and what is keeping me the busiest.

As you can see to the right is my google tasks bar, I use google tasks to put in all my homework, grocery items and anything else I need to do or get during the week to make sure I am on top of everything and getting them done when they need to be!

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 11.05.54 AM.png

  • Physical Planner

I recently, in the past year have adapted a physical planner in addition to my digital one. This is super helpful because when I don’t have my phone or laptop out I can quickly jot in something. I keep both systems because that is what works best for me!

I of course color code everything in my physical planner as well, my brain works best when I have things separated by color and it makes things way easier to remember! Something I love being able to do is physically check something off after I have done it, it makes me feel productive and reminds me that I did the thing I am checking off so I never have to second guess if I did it or not.

The planner I have is the Blue Sky weekly/monthly planner and it is from target! You can check it out here!


  • General TipsInput everything from your syllabi in as soon as you get them. This includes assignments, exams, and presentations to ensure you are staying on top of things. It also allows you to map out your busy weeks to prepare accordingly!
    • Trial and Error: See what works best for you! Test out different online calendars like Ical, google calendar, outlook calendar, etc to see what you are most comfortable with! Try out different physical planner spreads, like monthly, weekly and even daily!
    • Have fun with it! Get super creative and make it something you look forward to doing in order to keep your motivation and productivity going!

So that is how I stay organized in college, as always if you have questions or want to see more of my content follow me on instagram @ liveitwithkarla


What keeps your organized for school or life in general?

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One thought on “How I Stay Organized in College!

  1. I loved this! I’m not exactly in college yet (almost there), and I’ve been trying to figure out an organization system that applies to me specifically and works for me! I tried out Google Calendar, and it wasn’t such a success because I kept forgetting to go on it and plan out my day, so…
    But I might try a physical planner like you said!! Thank you for all the tips, this was a great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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