Sand Cloud Towels!

Sand Cloud Towels is a company that is striving to raise awareness to saving marine life, an often overlooked issue. Having a variety of towels, room decor, backpacks, jewelry and other accessories, Sand Cloud provides quality products to its customers and the best part is: 10% of your purchase will go to saving marine life.

I was recently accepted as a brand ambassador for this company and I could not be any happier, I would never support and promote a company I do not enjoy or agree with! Before I became a brand ambassador for the company I stumbled upon the site and fell in love. The products they have are amazing quality and have such a sleek and elegant look to them. They also advertise their products for multiple uses, the towels can be used for a hot day at the beach but is also a personal touch to any college dorm, or just a corner in your room.

I personally love the way tapestries bring a pop of color and tie any room together, these products are no acceptation to that. There are a multitude of colors and patterns you can choose from! My personal favorite is the Palm Leaf Towel.

To go along with that they also have a Palm Leaf Backpack which is absolutely adorable!

Another amazing campaign they have on their site currently is a shirt you can purchase that 100% of profit will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund to support Breast Cancer research! I think this is such an amazing cause because all the money made will go directly to the research for a cure! Breast Cancer Awareness Long Sleeve.

Any of these products shown and on the site would be great for gifts, decoration and the best part about it is you are donating to an amazing cause! Being a brand ambassador I have a discount code you guys can use to get you 25% off your purchase!

Discount Code: KarlaSm25


I was not paid by the company to write this, it is truly written off my personal opinion!

Let me know if you guys purchase anything and what you think!

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Sand Cloud Towels!

College Update 8/20/17

I haven’t posted in like a week because I have been so busy! I am currently doing a thing offered at my school for freshman and we have had jam-packed days since Saturday. After move in we had a kick off gathering and had a magician/comedian come in and talk to us which was super cool. We were out until about 12 in the morning so we went back to the dorm after and passed out

Sunday I did a movie morning so I went and saw Annabelle: Creation which was super good! It was scary as heck but really good. We then went to a series of speakers and then did a bunch of activities involving all the leadership freshman which is about 2000 people! We basically moved around and did different ice breakers with random people to step out of our comfort zone and begin to get used to meeting new people. We got back  to the dorms at about 11 and took showers and went to bed.

Today we went to breakfast then to a speaker then we went to lunch. We then went and did obstacle courses and trust exercises with our designated groups which was super fun because we became super close through doing that! We then went to dinner and ate and now I’m back at my dorm waiting to go to a slam poetry session which I am super excited for.

I will try to keep you guys updated and will do a dorm tour soon if you guys want to see that!




Make sure to leave a comment below! Share your thoughts and fears about college with me!

Happy Mingling- Karla

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College Update 8/20/17

College Move-in Day!

I can’t believe I am already moving into college tomorrow! It seems like I just had orientation and move-in was months away. I am pretty nervous to move-in yet really excited to be in a new place with all new people. I have been packing like crazy for the past week and it has just hit me that I have a lot of stuff. I am confident I am going to fit the typical freshman stereotype of having too much stuff but I’d rather have too much than not enough.

Tomorrow (August 19th) I am leaving my house at about 8:30am, the drive is a hour and a half and move-in starts at 9. My roommate is moving in right at 9 so I wanted to go a little later just so we are not all over each other while trying to get stuff in the room. It is of course supposed to be hot and humid tomorrow so I plan to wear a t-shirt, track shorts and nike tennis shoes. It is important to be comfortable while moving in to avoid being hot and uncomfortable.

My college does something called Leadership Safari which is basically where you make a bunch of friends and take part in a lot of different activities. I am super excited to see what they have planned and more importantly make friends and connections. This event is from Saturday night to Wednesday.

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College Move-in Day!

Tips for High School Seniors

Senior Year was probably one of my favorite years of high school, it brings so many different opportunities and experiences you will never forget. Here are a few tips I have for all you high school seniors 


Start Applying to Colleges as Soon as Possible 

Applying to colleges early on is probably one of the most important things to do. A lot of colleges have early admission which allows you to apply and be accepted early on. Take advantage of this! Especially if you are looking into something like nursing school it is important to get ahead of the competition and it takes a big weight off your shoulders.


Look into Scholarships and Grants

I can not stress this enough, college is expensive and any little thing helps. Even if the grant is for a hundred dollars you would be surprised at how big of a difference that will make. Applying may take a little bit of time and effort but it will be worth it in the long run when you aren’t struggling to pay your tuition and having to take a bunch of loans out.


Get Involved

It is never too late to get involved in high school, start volunteering or join a club that sparks your interest. My school offered a few different clubs that were open to anyone who wanted to join them. You could also go out for a sport you have never tried, you never know you could love it! Don’t have any regrets about not doing something!


Show Your School Spirit

Times like homecoming and spirit weeks are a great way to show school spirit and just have fun. Being a senior means you’re setting the bar for the underclassmen so you want to make sure you go all out and leave a lasting impression on the school. Participate in homecoming events, go to football games, cheer your team on to victory! You will miss the heck out of these events once they are gone so start going to them as soon as you can!


Choose Your Classes Wisely

If you have an idea of what you want to study in college start taking classes that relate to that study in high school. It will give you a better idea as to if that is for you or not. Take AP classes to get college credit! If your school offers dual enrollment take advantage of that! Between AP credit and dual enrollment credit I got nine credits out-of-the-way which is a lot in the long run. It is also free so taking advantage of that is a very smart choice and will save you time and money in the long run.


Enjoy it, Live in the Moment

This is so important to remember, don’t get caught up in the petty drama, just live in the moment and be happy. Stick by those friends who have been there for you and drop those who haven’t it is such a good feeling to get negativity out of your life early on and will make your senior year that much better and smoother. Yes senior year is stressful and yes it is expensive but it will all be worth it in the long run. Get through those hard classes and study your butt off to leave a good impression on your college. Don’t blame it on ‘Senioritis'(Which I have been guilty of in the past). Everyone is ready to graduate but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy in the end. This is the last time you are going to see most of these people, leave a good impression of you in their minds.



Guys I am 11 days from move-in day and I am starting to stress out! I am so excited yet nervous.

How are you feeling about senior year? Stressed? Nervous? Excited? Let me know in the comments!


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Happy Senior Year- Karla



Tips for High School Seniors

July Favorites!

I have recently purchased a lot of different things in preparation for college and just to try out some new products I have heard good things about. These products have been amazing and have done good things for me and hopefully they will for you too!



I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for a very long time and I absolutely love it! I use the dewy and smooth formula in the winter (Shade 310) and the Matte and Poreless formula in the summer (Shade 330). This foundation keeps me matte throughout the day and leaves such a natural look to the skin. I often get compliments on how good my skin looks when I am wearing this foundation and that is just the best feeling. If you are looking for a good foundation for the summer time I highly recommend this one! They have forty different shades which is a huge selection! This foundation can be found anywhere makeup is sold and runs around $6.00!


Skin Care

As I mentioned in my Skin Care Routine post, I have been recently loving the Dr.Bronners 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap. I use this twice a day to cleanse my face and each time I use it I absolutely love it! The best thing about it is how little you have to use! I use about two drops when I wash my face and that is the perfect amount to get my skin a deep clean and leave it feeling soft and moisturized. I have combination skin and I have noticed that this has reduced the amount of oil and dryness in my skin leaving it the perfect balance! You can purchase this really anywhere I got my 32 oz. bottle at target for $15.00!


Another skin care product I have been loving this month is the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing body lotion with Aloe. I apply this after getting out of the shower and it absorbs into the skin super fast and leaves my body feeling soft and moisturized. My skin tends to be on the dry side so this is perfect for me, it gives me the perfect amount of moisture and smells amazing! This can be found pretty much anywhere and will run around $8.00


Hair Care

I have pretty wavy and frizzy natural hair so finding something to control that and leave it feeling soft and hydrated is important. I have been using Moroccan Oil hair products for a while now but I have recently started using their Curl Control Cream. I let my hair sit in a towel for about ten minutes, take it down and apply a quarter size amount to my hair making sure to really massage it in especially at the ends of my hair. This can be found online and in Sephora. It is a little pricey running around $34.00 but it has lasted me for around a year and I still have a lot left! It also smells absolutely amazing.



Recently I invested in a computer for college. I purchased the MacBook Air 13″ and I absolutely love it! Apple offers an amazing student discount which gives you around $300 off MacBooks! Mine was $849 which is pretty cheap for a Mac. I have never had a MacBook in the past however I have always had iPhones and iPods so I am familiar with how Apple products run. This laptop is perfect for college and is super lite so you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down when going from class to class. You can find these discounts on apples website if you are interested!


Going along with this purchase I also got a free pair of Beats Solo 3’s! They are amazing and have such good battery life. Apple includes a free pair of these with your student laptop which is an amazing deal because they are normally $300! The quality is what I love the most because they are noise cancelling and play the music crystal clear and the bass is amazing on them. I love that they are wireless because I do have an iPhone 7 plus so I can listen to music while charging my phone again!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are some other posts that you would like to see? Comment below!

What products have you been loving this month?

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Happy August!- Karla

July Favorites!

My Skincare Routine

Skincare has always been something that has been important to me, I have always had acne prone skin so taking care of it to prevent breakouts is a must.  I have combination skin meaning it can be extremely oily but also dry, here are the products that have worked out best for me!


St. Ives Even and Bright Exfoliating Scrub

Getting all the dead skin off your face is important, I use a gentle exfoliator to prevent any irritation. I usually exfoliate 1-3 times a week depending on how my skin is looking and feeling. I’ve been using the St. Ives exfoliator for a couple of months now and I find it leaves my face looking awake and healthy. All others I have tried have left my face super dry and flakey but this is just the right amount of moisture and exfoliation.


Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap

I just recently purchased this product and I have been using it for about a week. So far I have been loving it! I wet down my face with warm water and put only two drops of the soap in my hands, lather it up and massage it into my face. I wash it off with cold water and that’s that! It leave my face feeling clean and smooth and removes my makeup with little to no effort.


Up & Up Deep Clean Toner

Depending on if I have makeup on or not I will usually use a toner to make sure I got all the makeup and dirt out of my pores. Sometimes toner can over dry my face out so I do tend to skip this step just because usually in the summer I do not wear makeup anyway so washing my face gets most the dirt out.


Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer

This has been my tried and true moisturizer for a couple of years now. It gives me the perfect amount of moisture while keeping away breakouts. I usually pat my face dry after washing it and let it sit for about five minutes before I put the moisturizer on. It brings a cooling and clean feeling to my face and is such a good feeling.



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What is your favorite skincare product?





My Skincare Routine

High School

Growing up in a small town I attended the same school district all twelve years of my education. This definitely had it’s pro’s and con’s but overall my high school experience was pretty good.
Freshman Year
Starting out my first year of high school I was of course scared, I was now at the bottom of the food chain in a new, bigger school. The friend group I was apart of had been together for about two years so we were pretty good friends. This group consisted of about five girls which I hung out with as much as I could.
One of the hardest adjustments for me was actually having to do homework and study. I had never had to do that in middle school and achieving all A’s was effortless. However I learned this the hard way, my classes were hard and required me to do work outside of class and study which of course I had never done before. Instead of developing these good habits I instead decided to mess around and not take my academics as seriously as I could have.
Because of this my GPA would forever pay the price, while I still graduating with a 3.4 it took a lot of work to makeup for my C’s I had earned in geometry and physical science. I sat on my phone through my whole geometry class and messed around with friends during science making those teachers think poorly of me and my work ethic.
Looking back I wish I would have not had the typical “immature freshman attitude” and would have taken my studies seriously.
My highlight and most proud moment of this year was making my varsity softball team. My school always emphasized getting involved and playing sports, which was great because it seemed to make me want to go to school more. Softball had always been a big part of my life but being able to play with the amazing juniors and seniors that year really sparked a fire inside of me for softball.
Sophomore Year


My second year of high school was overall my favorite. I began to go to sporting events with my friends like football and basketball games, which gave me the chance to talk to people from my school I wouldn’t normally talk to. I would recommend to all students that if your school has sports teams go out and support them, it’s an amazing way to show school spirit and meet new people.
My academics this year were amazing, it’s like a switch was flipped and now my academics became my main focus. One of my favorite teachers was my Algebra 2 teacher, he was so passionate about his job and it made learning in his class that much easier. He was super understanding and always made time to help us one on one if we did not understand something.
As spring rolled around it was once again time for softball, however there was a new coach which meant what had happened last year on my varsity team did not matter. She didn’t take a liking to me for reasons still unknown and ultimately I was placed on the junior varsity team. I of course was upset with this decision but I moved on from it and continued to play and have fun with my friends.
Junior Year
This year was the hardest for me academically, I was in my first chemistry class as well as pre calculus which I proved to not be the best at. It was challenging, while having to keep up with my 6 classes we had now had the pressure of the SAT in the spring which was emphasized as the test that determines your future(just an FYI you it doesn’t define you and retakes are available).
I had also gotten a job at a hostess at a steakhouse and worked around 15-20 hours a week which was a lot but I wanted to start working as soon as I could.
However that spring I embarked on an exciting trip with my school to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands. The trip was a total of 12 days and involved so many different experiences that shaped me into a better person! My favorite activity was definitely snorkeling in the middle of the ocean alongside sea lions and penguins. If you would like me to do an in depth post on this let me know!



During this time one of my best friends was involved in a serious car accident, nobody knew if she was going to make it and if she did we didn’t know how good of a life she could live. Through her strength and the hard work of doctors she made it out alive, and I could not be more thankful of that as each day goes on.
When I came back from my trip I jumped right back into softball, while it was a rough season I developed an amazing friendship with my now best friend. She has been there for me through everything and having a friend like this in high school is an absolute must.
The summer following this school year was when I started applying to colleges! While this is a daunting and long process it is worth it and no matter the results you can at least say you tried it out and applied!
Senior Year


My final year of high school was all I could’ve wanted and more. It started out with football season, I made it to every single game and absolutely loved seeing all my peers every friday night and more importantly cheering my school on. I also in the winter time attending almost all my schools basketball games with my best friend which while I loved football season more, was a fun alternative.
By the time winter hit I had heard back from all the colleges I applied to, which was about seven, and I had been accepted into all of them. I narrowed it down to two I wanted and finally decided on the college I am attending now.
Once again softball rolled around and it was the best year I could have asked for, I was playing with all my friends and while we weren’t the best team we were super close and had loads of fun.


This spring break I went to Destin, Florida with one of my best friends and her family, we drove about 17 hours to get there and it was amazing. We had a condo right across the street from the beach and went there nearly everyday as well as going to a boardwalk and going dolphin watching.

It finally was here, graduation. It was an emotion filled day as we all boarded a bus and road over to the auditorium where graduation was held. After putting on our caps and gowns we lined up in the order we had learned previously that morning and it was time.
Graduation is by far an amazing accomplishment, all the years of stress, fun, friends, sadness, happiness, it was all worth it and here we were walking across that stage to get our diploma. It was the end of my high school career and the last time I would ever see most of these people again.

Cherish high school because it will go by quicker that you know it. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and talk to new people and try out new things, high school is the time for trial and error. Be sure to put your academics first and develop good study habits early on so it will be easier when you have to spend hours doing it. Make high school count, make an impression on people and more importantly have no regrets.
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Happy Studying- Karla

High School