How I Stay Organized In College

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Staying organized in college is the key to success, and I suck at staying organized.

Starting the new semester I made it a goal of mine to stay more organized and make sure I am aware of every deadline in advance to avoid last-minute stress. Everyone’s organizational system is different and it takes a while to figure out what works best, but I think the system I have now is pretty good and I have loved it so far. Here’s what I do to stay organized in college:

  • Google Calendar

Google calendar is my absolute holy grail, without it I wouldn’t know what to do. I have tried paper planners in the past and they just do not work for me, at all. So this year I decided to try google calendar for all my assignments, exams and meetings I have. I find that in the middle of class when the professor is giving important information in reference to deadline, it is easier to pull up my calendar on my phone or laptop and put it in. Google calendar also offers a to-do list which is right next to the calendar so I can easily put in things I need to get done while looking at the week ahead and what I have due.

  • Folders

This may be a given but using different folders for each class has made it easier when looking for different handouts or assignments. I have a different color for every class which makes it easier to visualize what folder goes to what class. In addition I use a five-star three subject notebook which provides a divider between each subject allowing me to easily use it for all of my classes!

  • Keeping my desk clean

This is extremely hard for me because I tend to just throw random things on my desk leaving it a mess at the end of the day. I start my morning by cleaning up everything and putting it where it belongs because when my desk is clean and organized it makes me feel more productive and ready for the day. Keeping your workspace clean is so important because often if your workspace is constantly a mess, so are you and that is not a good lifestyle to live.

  • Color-coding

As I said before I color code my folders according to class, I do the same with my calendar. I color code events into different categories like; homework, exams, meetings tasks and so on. I assign a different color to each category which makes viewing my calendar a lot easier because I know what needs to have priority for the week and what things can wait. You can also do this in a written planner!

  • Assignment Spreadsheet

Last semester when I got all my syllabi, I went through and made a google spreadsheet and went week by week putting what was due in the class on what day. This was super helpful and I was able to cross things out and color code them so it was easy to pick out what was important and priority for that week. I also would track my grades as well by putting a column for what I received on the assignment which made it easy to visualize how I was doing and in what classes I needed to work harder in.


What ways do you stay organized in high school/college?

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5 Things I Learned My First Semester of College

Now that I am two weeks into my second semester here at Central Michigan, I thought I would reflect a little bit on last semester. Being a first generation college student I didn’t really know what I was getting into and adjusting was hard. So here are some things I learned my first semester! I hope you guys can take away from this and be more prepared for college or relate to it if you are already in college! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

  1. Managing your time in college is hard

I was someone who always on a tight schedule with school and softball so I really didn’t have any time to manage. So when I came to college and had a whole lot more time I didn’t really know how to manage it effectively. I am still learning this and I know it will take a while to get down but I am definitely better at it this semester than I was last. What I mean by managing time is being able to have enough time to study, hangout with friends and just relax. Now that I have a job I have a little less of this but at the same time it is good to be working again and finally making money!

2. Living with roommates is a big adjustment 

Growing up with a brother I never had to share my room so I always had my own space. Coming to college I thought it was going to be easy living with a roommate but boy was I wrong. Getting little to no alone time really started to get to me, it made me a lot more homesick than I was. This is a big reason why I decided to get my own apartment next year, I think I will overall be a lot happier living and managing my own space and I am so excited to do that.

3. It’s okay to get A’s and B’s

One of my goals coming into college was to get a 4.0, which is a good goal to have, however it is quite hard to do. I’m not saying it is impossible but I have never been an all A student and I have had to learn that it is completely okay to get a few B’s here and there, especially in college. Of course you don’t want your GPA to be too low, but being upset because you got a couple B’s is something I have had to learned to deal with.

4. Sometimes you have to let friends go, and that is okay

When I first came to college I was determined to keep all my high school friends, so much so that I didn’t branch out and meet new people which I really regret. As sad as it is, people do drift away, especially when college comes around and everyone is away from each other. You go from seeing them everyday in high school to not seeing them at all and that puts a huge strain on friendships for sure. At first it is hard to let go, but make sure you meet new people who you love to be around and eventually you will be happy!

5. Having freedom is amazing

One things I love about being in college is the freedom I have. If I want to go out I don’t have to ask anyone, I can stay out as late as I want and I can make my own decisions. Sure it is hard at first to be on your own but ultimately I love it. Being able to do what you want is a blessing but sometimes people take it too far and get a bit out of control. Being on your own is a part of life and it is important to be able to maintain the same standards you would living at home to avoid getting in trouble or doing things you will regret.


What are some things you guys have learned by being in college?

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Travel Bucket List

After doing my recent bucket list for 2018 I realized how many places I wanted to travel, so what better than to make a travel bucket list! These are some places I really want to travel in the future and will hopefully be able to cross them all off this list eventually! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Image result for the great barrier reef

  • The Great Barrier Reef

Ever since I went snorkeling when I was in the Galapagos Islands, I have wanted to go snorkeling in a huge coral reef. The Great Barrier Reef is absolutely beautiful and would be amazing to explore and be able to experience in person. I think Australia in general is gorgeous and would be an amazing place to travel and see the culture and see all the wildlife that lives there!

Image result for kauai hawaii

  • Kauai, Hawaii 

I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii and experience all it has to offer. Who wouldn’t want to travel and explore the islands of Hawaii and all they have to offer. The crystal clear beaches are something I have been drawn to, I absolutely love going to the beach on trips and just relaxing. Not only that but being able to see all the different wildlife and the culture they have would be an amazing experience I would never forget!

Image result for kenya safari

  • Kenya, Africa

The main reason I want to travel to Africa is to go on a safari! I think it would be amazing to see wild animals in their natural habitat because the only time you ever see those types of animals is when they are behind an enclosure at a zoo and even then they are not happy. So seeing elephants, lions, giraffes and zebras in the wild acting as they would normally would be such a memorable and rewarding experience!

Image result for rome

  • Rome, Italy 

I was actually supposed to travel to Italy and Greece a couple years ago but we ended up completely switching gears and going to Ecuador which I am not complaining about at all! However Italy has always been somewhere I have dreamed of going, it is a country that holds so much history and I would truly never get bored there. Being able to see all the old historic sites and experiencing the culture and food would be an absolutely amazing experience!

Image result for atlantis

  • Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas 

If you couldn’t tell I love tropical getaways, they are simply where I see myself traveling the most. I would see this as being more of a family trip as it is a resort, but either way it would be an absolutely amazing trip and there would be so much to experience. Not to mention the resort is beautiful and there would be so many different activities to do so it would be a vacation jam-packed with fun!

Image result for ireland

  • Ireland 

I am fascinated with the beauty of Ireland and would love to study abroad there for sure! The culture and the scenery itself would enrapture me and make me never want to leave. I would for sure want to take a hiking trip along the coast to really experience the beauty of the country itself! I would also love to go to an authentic Irish pub and taste the food and beer to see what it is all about!

Image result for alaska whale watching

  • Alaska 

I have always wanted to go on a whale watching tour in Alaska! I love wildlife and being able to see them in their natural habitat where they are the happiest would be so rewarding. I would also love to kayak and see all the glaciers and of course do some hiking! Alaska is known to have beautiful mountains that are perfect for hiking and clubbing that I would for sure take advantage of!

Image result for cotswolds

  • The Cotswolds, England 

This area is known for its quant villages that are historic and full of culture! They also have amazing rolling hills that would be perfect for exploring and just taking a relaxing stroll. I would also love to visit London and see the historic ‘Big Ben’ as well as see the palaces and castles!

Image result for carnival rio

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

After traveling to Ecuador I fell in love with the South American culture, although it is not all the same I want to experience more of it! Rio De Janeiro is an absolutely stunning city that would be perfect to explore. I want to experience the spring Carnival Festivals because I feel as though that is a huge part of their culture and would be a great memory to hold for the rest of my life!

So those are some of many places I would love to travel! Of course being in college traveling is a little hard because of the money restriction but when I’m older I see myself traveling all around the world and experiencing the best places the world has to offer!


Where is somewhere you would like to travel?

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What Courses Am I Taking? Spring 2018

So this semester I am beginning my major classes which is super exciting! If you guys didn’t know I am a Health Administration major(for now) and am a freshman entering my second semester! Last semester I pulled a 3.3 GPA which isn’t the best but I did have some tough classes that were challenging and I was just glad to have gotten above a C in. With that being said this semester I am expecting to have to work even harder to get good grades because my classes are going to be harder than last semester. I am taking 15 credits, which I did last semester and did just fine. 3 of my classes are in person and two of them are online!

COM 267: Intro to Debate

  • This class is required to be admitted to my major, I am not excited to take this at all. I like debating and all but a whole class centered around that? Not my cup of tea to say the least. I hope that it is better than I am anticipating and I do better in it than I am thinking I will. As well as I hope the topics provided are actually interesting in the sense of I want to research more and debate why I think it is a good or bad thing!

PSY 250: Abnormal Psychology

  • I am most excited for this class, being a psychology minor I love learning about any form of psychology but I find abnormal to be extremely interesting. I have this class with the same professor I had for my intro to psychology last semester and I absolutely love him and the way he runs his classes.

HSC 203: Leadership for Health Professions

  • This is the first class I am taking that is actually apart of my major. This class is 3 hours long which kind of sucks but only meets once a week so I suppose it is fine. I’m excited to meet new people who share my major and learn even more about the healthcare field and what it entails. This is probably going to be one of my more heavy classes in the sense of there will be a lot to do assignment wise.

REL 101WI: Introduction into World Religion(Online)

  • So this course is a writing intensive which basically just means that it will have more papers than normal to write. I am taking this course online so I am a little nervous just because I haven’t taken an online course yet but I am for sure excited to learn more about religion and the different kinds there are all around the world in a more in-depth sense.

HSC 317: Community Health

  • I am probably most nervous for this class mainly because it is also for my major but I had to take it online because all of the in person classes filled up. However the instructor for this course is the same for my Leadership for Health Professions class so if I do have any questions about the course it will be easy to ask her questions and go to her for help. In all of these courses besides religion I must earn a C+ or higher in order for them to count towards my major, so with that being said I am going to have to work extra hard in order to make sure I succeed.

So that is my schedule for this spring! I am pretty happy with how it turned out because now I have time to get a job and start working!


What courses are you taking this semester?

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Mini Bath & Body Works Haul!

So recently I made the mistake of going to my local bath and body works while they were having a huge 50-75% off sale! I grabbed a bunch of things but ended up putting the majority back mainly because I am a broke college student and the things I did want were candles which unfortunately we cannot burn in our dorm. So here are the things I did end up getting and I do not regret purchasing! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram before you leave!

3 for $6 Lotions & Shower Gels

  • Cabana Breeze Shower Gel: Of course the most important thing when it comes to shopping at Bath & Body Works is the scents of things. This shower gel has a sort of coconut scent and when I used it in the shower it left my skin smelling amazing the rest of the day! It also is infused with Shea and Vitamin E which left my skin hydrated and soft!
  • Bright Autumn Blooms Shower Gel: This gel has more of a soft perfume scent which I tend to only wash with if I am going out or have something important to do because it adds a the soft smell of perfume that will last all night. This gel is infused with honey which is also amazing for the skin and will leave it feeling soft and hydrated!
  • Amazing Body Cream in Champagne Toast: I had the full size of this scent a while back and had just recently ran out of it. I love the body creams because they seem to really sink into my skin and leave it hydrated better than a normal lotion would. This is also the perfect size to go in my backpack when I am in class and in need of some skin hydration!

5 for $6 PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

  • Stress Relief Eucalyptus + Spearmint: I love the whole aromatherapy line at Bath & Body Works, it just is a nice natural scent that leaves you feeling clean and relaxed. I have the full size lotion in this scent and had to get the Pocketbac! What I like about these hand sanitizers is they don’t dry out your hands like most do, they leave them hydrated and completely clean!
  • Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea: Again I absolutely love this scent, anything with eucalyptus in it I fall in love with. I just love how natural the scent is and they infused the hand sanitizer with essential oils which is amazing for the skin! With it being winter time my hands need all the moisture they can get!
  • Beautiful Day: I had the wallflower in this scent and it just left my room smelling amazing and fresh. If I had the describe this scent I would say it is for sure more of a musky cologne scent, however it is not too overpowering. I love the more manly scents because they tend to be less strong and more subtle!
  • Peach Bellini: I have the perfume in this scent and am sadly almost out of it. While it is not yet summer this is the absolute perfect scent for the summer time and smells peachy and delightful. The peach scent is not at all overpowering and just adds a pleasant fruit smell which is as I said before perfect to wear in the summer time. Wearing this in winter will for sure motivate me to push through to the summer time!
  • Watermelon Lemonade: This has to be hands down one of my absolute favorite scents Bath & Body Works has to offer! I had the candle to this previously and could not stop burning it! It just smells amazing and is the perfect mixture between watermelon and a light lemon smell. The scent can tend to be a bit strong but I love it so I do not mind one bit!

Overall I am very happy with this haul and ended up spending $14 when it would have originally been $30! I’m not sure how long the sale is going on but I would for sure drop into your local Bath & Body Works to check it out! Anything from the store makes amazing gifts and they now have added a mens collection which makes it a one stop shop!


What is your favorite Bath & Body Works Scent?

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My Bucket List For 2018!

Every year I make a bucket list in attempts to encourage myself to be more adventurous and not lose sight of what I want to do. However, I come up short every year and accomplish maybe 1/3 of the list. This year I want that to be different, I want to be able to make this year memorable!

  • Go to Harry Potter World!

Image result for harry potter world

This is for sure my #1 bucket list goal and not only that but my dream! I absolutely love everything to do with Harry Potter and have wanted to visit the Harry Potter world in Florida since it has opened!

  • Go zip lining!

I am absolutely terrified of heights, and I want to be able to conquer that fear so I have no reason to let it hold me back in the future! I have zip lined in the past and had a panic attack almost every time which takes away the potential fun and adventure.

  • Go to Mackinac Island

Living in Michigan I am absolutely appalled that I have not visited Mackinac Island yet and that is for sure somewhere id like to travel this year! Hopefully with family or a group of friends, either way I want to go and get some of the amazing fudge they are known for!

  • Visit Pictured Rocks

Image result for pictured rocks michigan

Again another travel goal, but pictured rocks looks absolutely beautiful! To add onto that I have never been to the UP so I think this road trip up to see the beauty Pictured Rocks holds would be an amazing experience and memory in itself!

  • Travel out of the state

This is something I really want to accomplish mainly because I don’t get out of Michigan very often. I would love to go to Chicago or Myrtle Beach for sure but honestly anywhere would do!

  • Go to a concert

With all the artists I have fell in love with I would absolutely love to go and see a concert! The last concert I went to was to see Justin Bieber and that was a couple years ago. I would like to see Khalid, Lorde, Adele or Sam Smith for sure just because of how obsessed I have become with their music lately!

  • Go to a Detroit Tigers game

I have not been to a Tigers game in so long and with my love of baseball I would love to go see them with family or friends!

  • Go white water rafting!

Going white water rafting is something I have always wanted to do! Although it seems a little dangerous it is still an adventure id love to have and a memory I would keep forever!

  • Have a picnic with friends

I know this may sound cheesy but I love doing old fashion things and spending time with my friends because I am so happy and care free around them!

  • Go tubing down a river

I absolutely love tubing and the thought of just chilling with friends while floating down a river sounds like a blast!

Those are my top bucket list goals that I want to accomplish in 2018! I will post and update as I cross them off the list!


What are some of your bucket list goals?

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My Goals For 2018!

Being that the new year is just a few days a way I though I would compile a list of some goals I want to achieve in 2018! I make one of these every year and usually fall short with some of them but I really want to try and accomplish almost everything I have in mind!

  • Reach 1,500 followers on this blog

I am at almost 700 followers as of right now but in the new year I really want to grow my blog and make it into something big that can be seen and read by thousands of people!

Instagram is by far one of my favorite social media platforms and posting more content as well as gaining followers is something I would really like to have happen!

  • Do well in college

My first semester went very smooth and I hope this semester will be the same! I want to tweak my study habits a little bit and ultimately do better as a student!

  • Learn how to do makeup better

This is a big one for me personally because I love wearing makeup but I have no clue how to do it the way some people do. I am good at the basic foundation, concealer, mascara and highlighter, but I would love to become better at eyeshadow and things of that nature

  • Find a summer job

I have been working at a local restaurant as a waitress and hostess for about two years and love it. However it just doesn’t bring in the money I need to pay my tuition so with that being said I would like to find a better job that can let me afford my college tuition and then some.

  • Begin looking into internships

Even though I am a freshman I really want to start looking into internships and possibly securing a spot for one because the sooner I can get one and start earning experience the better, I would also like to network and build connections in the healthcare field.

  • Lose weight and work out regularly

Although this is a basic goal I do really want to lose all the weight I have gained while at college and get into good shape again. Now that I have gyms around campus I will have no excuse for not working out

  • Put myself out there more

Typically I am a more introverted person and while that isn’t a bad thing it is something I want to work on and put myself out there more to make new friends and just do things that are a little outside my comfort zone.

  • Be a better and more understanding person

I want to try and be a better and more understanding person when it comes to friendships and letting go of grudges. Anything that happened in 2017 I’m going to let go and just start fresh!


What are some of your goals for the new year?

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What I Got For Christmas 2017

This Christmas was absolutely amazing, getting to see all of my family and hangout for a couple weeks before going back to college is such a good relaxing feeling. Even though Christmas is in no way just about what we get I thought I would show you guys some of my favorite gifts I received this Christmas! Although this isn’t everything I received for Christmas I am still more than thankful for everything I got!

JBL Flip 3 Speaker(Blue): I was super excited when I opened this, currently I am listening to music on it right now and the sound quality is amazing and it plays music very loud. This was the number one thing on my list and I am super happy I got it!

Rose Gold Sea Turtle NecklaceI have been wanting a simple necklace I can wear all the time and this was absolutely perfect, the design is super simple yet beautiful and not to mention I love rose gold so this was a great present to receive! If you are interested in purchasing this necklace or any other of their products you can use my coupon code to save 25% KarlaSm25

Newdora Hammock: I was so excited when I opened this because I have been wanting a hammock for so long. I can’t wait until the spring to use this around campus and in the summer time to relax or study!

Fuji Film Instax Mini 9 Polaroid Camera: This was of course also something I had wanted and I am super excited to be able to use it and hang up the pictures. I am really happy I also got the blue color and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out!

College Apparel: You can never go wrong with college apparel and it is something I can never have too much of. I got a sweatshirt and a matching pair of sweatpants which I can’t wait to wear around campus! They are perfect for the cold weather and are super comfy!

All Natural Bath Bombs: What girl doesn’t love bath bombs!? I can’t wait to use these, they smell absolutely amazing and are made of all natural ingredients. I love the different categories and will definitely have to try them all out! I was also excited to receive Panera and Starbucks gift cards because those are two of my favorite places to eat!

Ramen Noodles & A Cookbook: This was a really unique and creative gift that I can’t wait to use. Being in college Ramen Noodles are a go to when I’m too lazy to go to the dining hall and getting a cookbook full of different ways to make them and recipes definitely has changed the game. This will especially be useful next year in my apartment when I have to cook for myself all the time!

Again this is just a few things I received, I am so thankful for everything I got and am so thankful to have an amazing family who knows me so well. In addition to the presents, being with family and eating a home cooked meal is a huge part of why I love Christmas so much and now that I am in college I treasure those moments that much more.


What is your favorite gift that you received?

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What Am I Listening To?

Listening to music is something that takes away my stress and it is just a good pass time. I listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy many genres so here are a few of my favorite songs right now!

  • Sam Smith: The Thrill of It All I absolutely love this entire album! Some of my favorites are Pray, Burning, Palace and The Thrill of It All.
  • Ed Sheeran: Perfect Duet(ft. Beyonce) I loved the original version of Perfect so when I heard he dropped a duet with Beyonce I couldn’t wait to hear it! This is one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs and it is just a love filled and wholesome song.
  • Calum Scott: You Are the Reason I had never really listened to Calum Scott before I heard this song and I fell in love with his unique voice and his amazing songs.
  • Grace VanderWaal: Beautiful Thing When I saw Grace on Americas Got Talent I loved how original and unique her voice was, this song shows off that and just amazing.
  • Taylor Bennet: Broad Shoulders(ft. Chance the Rapper) I had never listened to Taylor Bennet before but once I saw Chance the Rapper was featured on this song I gave it a listen and fell in love.
  • Lorde: Melodrama  This album is one of my absolute favorites at the moment, Lorde did an amazing job with capturing different moods in each song and it is a truly beautiful album. Some of my favorite songs are Green Light, The Louvre, Homemade Dynamite, Liability and Sober.
  • Chance The Rapper: Coloring Book I have always loved Chance and this album although it is a little older is amazing. He is such an artist and does a good job at conveying messages through his songs. Some of my favorite songs from the album are No Problem, Blessings, Same Drugs and Juke Jam.
  • Khalid: American Teen Although Khalid is very mainstream right now he is an amazing up and coming artist. This album is very relatable for teens and is overall really good. Some of my favorite songs include Coaster, Saved, Shot Down and 8teen.
  • Eminem: Revival This album is truly a work of art, Eminem has always been a rapper who has always spoke up for what he believes in and this album is no exception to that. Some of my favorites off the album are Walk on Water, River, Remind Me, Tragic Endings and Castle.
  • Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint Although this album is very old I still love it and it is to this day a big part of some of my favorite playlists. My favorite songs include Grand Piano, All Things Go, The Night Is Still Young, Get On Your Knees, Feeling Myself and  Pills N Potions.

So that is just a little what I am listening to! You can follow my Apple Music profile and see all my playlists and the songs I listen to the most!


What music are you loving right now?

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1st Semester of College: Wrap-Up

I can officially say I am done with my first semester of college! It wasn’t as hard and I thought it was going to be but I definitely had a few bumps along the way.

As far as final grades go so far I have passed all my classes! However my math professor has not yet entered any of our grades so I do not know if I did good enough in the class to pass it, by far that was my most challenging class.

The best part about finals week was having the therapy dogs come to the library everyday, being away from my dog it was nice to have a furry friend to help take some of the stress off studying.

Ill do a brief summary of all my classes so you can get a better idea of what my semester was like!

COM 101 (Introduction to Communications): I easily passed this class with an A, giving 3 speeches and taking 2 exams it was pretty easy. Our final exam consisted of us going to class, watching sponge bob Christmas episodes and eating pizza at ten in the morning so I can definitely say I ended that class on a high note.

ECO 202 (Principles of Microeconomics): This was for sure one of my most challenging classes just because Economics does not tend to be the easiest subject in the world. However I passed the class with a solid B and I am very happy about that. He actually let us use our laptops to look up all the answers for our final so I got a 98% on that which was a definite grade booster!

SOC 100 (Introduction to Sociology): For being an intro class this was a pretty challenging course. My professor was very nice but did not teach the material in the best way making the exams a little on the challenging side as well as her weekly quizzes. I ended the course with a B which I was kind of disappointed about because I should have been easily able to get an A in.

MTH 107 (College Algebra): I absolutely dreaded going to this class and doing all the homework that went along with it. The majority of the math department at my college tend to be foreign which makes them very hard to understand and my professor was no exception to that. He was a very nice man but made the course very difficult mainly because he did not teach the material well. As I said before I do not know for sure what I got in this class and just am praying for a B.

PSY 100 (Introduction to Psychology): Being a Psychology minor this class was very interesting and easy to me. I had no worries about this class and my professor was amazing at teaching and was very fair in grading and making his exams exceptionally easy. I have him next semester for my Abnormal Psychology class and I am already so excited to take the course. I ended this course with a high A and am very happy with the information I retained from the course.

Overall finals week was hell, I stayed up late many nights but overall the finals wen good for the most part and I am happy to be home for the next couple weeks spending time with my family.


What was your guys hardest class this semester?

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