What Classes I’m Taking Fall 2019!

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So I do this post pretty much every semester so I figured I would continue to do it! I will be a junior this year and I am majoring in Health Administration with a minor in Leadership. I will be taking a total of 15 credit hours which is what I have always taken! So here are the classes I am taking Fall 2019!

  • LDR 302: Field Experience in Leadership (3 credits)

So I honestly have no idea what to expect with this class, I know we are required to complete a certain amount of hours in an approved leadership position throughout the semester but other than that I have no idea what to expect. This class only meets once a week for fifty minutes so I am hoping it is not too hard of a class!

  • HSC 544: Biostatistics (3 credits)

I know this is going to be my hardest course this semester. I have not done any kind of math since my freshman year of college, and the last time I did statistics was my senior year of high school. I did very well in my AP stats class though to I’m hoping I will be able to remember the basics and do well in the class!

  • HSC 572: Legal Aspects of Health Service Organizations (3 credits)

I am super excited about the class because I will be able to learn more about the healthcare system and the way it runs! One struggle I have been facing is figuring out what I really want to do with my degree because I can do so many different things. So I am hoping this class will give me a little insight as to what I want to do in the future!

  • GEO 105: Physical Geography: Online (3 credits)

Unfortunately, my college requires we take core courses in order to graduate, and this is one of them. I try to do the majority of these classes online just because I don’t have any motivation to go to the class when it is in person. I am hoping this class will be an easy A and give me the credit I need but we will see!

  • SOC 323: Racism and Inequality: Online (3 credits)

While this is another core requirement I am actually super excited to take this class! With that is going on in the US right now I think it is super important that we be educated on the issue of racism and inequality. So I can’t wait to see what this class has to offer!

So those are the courses I am taking this fall, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!


What classes are you taking this semester?

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Advice for College Freshman!

If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a junior at Central Michigan University! I post book, lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below! Follow my Instagram here!

Now that I am going into my junior year of college id say I am pretty reputable when it comes to giving advice to an upcoming freshman! Here are some things I wish I would have known before college:

  • Your high school friend group will not be the same.

I think this is such a harsh reality of going away to college but it is very true and everyone I’ve talked to says the exact same thing. Your friends will try and make a pact that you will always be friends no matter what but honestly, college is likely to break all of that up real quick. It’s hard, some friends may go out of state, some will be on the other side of the state and you won’t get to see them every day like when in highschool so yes, your friendships will suffer!

But fear not, this is a healthy process and it is not something you should obsess or stress over! Check-in on your friends every now and then and hang out over breaks or on the stray weekend you both are home, effort is the key factor in maintaining your old friendships when going to college and you will find out real quick that not everyone will put in the same amount of effort you will!

  • No one cares what you wear.

I was the freshman who dressed up for classes every day, and I can tell you that ended real quick. One of the best things about college is nobody cares what the next person is doing, so wear sweats to class, don’t do your makeup, or dress to the nine and beat your face, nobody cares either way. Don’t think people are going to like you better because of the way you are dressed, because chances are they don’t care.

  • Don’t overpack, you won’t use half of the things you think you need to bring.

Oh, how I wish someone would tell me not to bring my entire wardrobe, because let’s face it I wore the same things nearly every week. Yea decor is cute and all but there is only so much you can do to spruce up a dorm room so don’t go overboard because at the end of it all you are going to be the one packing it and hauling it away. You don’t need a thousand pairs of shoes, some sneakers, rain/snow boots, a pair of booties and one formal option will be more than enough! If you have a second thought on bringing something while packing, toss it to the side and leave it at home.

  • It’s okay to sit alone, people do it all the time.

Don’t worry about sitting alone at dinner or at the library, no one cares and I promise no one will think you are a ‘loser’. I was always so scared to go anywhere by myself but you’d be surprised how little alone time you get, especially while living in the dorms so take this time to plug in some headphones and watch some youtube videos, read a book or catch up on some work!

  • Make at least one friend in every class and get their number the first day.

Having friends in classes is one of the most important things to take advantage of! Miss a class, text them and ask for the notes, or meet up to study or do an assignment you both are struggling with. Unfortunately, in college, there will be times where a professor will tell you to pair up, and rather then panic and look around the room desperately you will already have someone to work with!

  • You’re broke, quit spending money.

College will bring you to depths of brokedom you have never reached before. I found myself contemplating buying simple things like Slurpees or going out to eat on lunch simply because I knew I didn’t have the money to. So drop the Starbucks habit, you won’t be able to afford it, find cheaper alternatives to things you love to eat or do!

  • Have fun!!!!!

This is the most important on the list when in college it can be so hard to sit back and relax and actually enjoy yourself. Don’t get too upset if you fail a test, someone else in the class surely did too, don’t get caught up in petty drama, learn that saying no is just as important as saying yes. College is going to bring you so many opportunities and situations you thought you would never encounter, so get out there and join a club or pick up a new hobby, say hi to someone in your hall or ask someone in your class to get dinner! College is what you make it and at the end of it all, you don’t want to have any regrets.


As always I’m always here if you guys have any questions or need any advice!

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My Alternative Break Experience!

If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University! I post lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below! Follow my blog Instagram here!

So if you guys follow me on Instagram then you would know that this spring break I participated in something called an Alternative Break. My college, Central Michigan University, sends out over ten groups each break to focus on an issue and work to better that issue through service! My group’s issue was Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, something I am very passionate about.

My group consisted of 11 other people, two of those people being my site leaders which are basically “in charge” of us during the break. When I found out I had gotten the issue I had really wanted I was so happy, and what made it even better was the fact that we were going to Tallahassee, Florida.

After weekly late night meetings consisting of issue education and getting to know our group, we departed Saturday, March 2nd. The program provides two vans to each group, in our case there were 6 people placed in each van and we all had to take turns driving. The car ride there was really an opportunity to bond with people and get to know them, being in a van with 5 people for 19 hours allows for a lot of different conversations.

Once we got down to Florida we met our housing partner, in our case we were staying inside a recreation center at a church. I was nervous about not being able to sleep mainly because I tend to get homesick and miss sleeping in my bed whenever I stay the night somewhere. Not to mention I was going from a spacious full-size bed to a twin size air mattress.

The first night was hectic, tornados were coursing through the south and heading right for us, so we all piled into the church bathroom in order to stay safe. The way my site leaders handled the situation really made me feel safe despite all of the chaos going on outside. Thankfully the tornado ending up going around us so besides some very heavy rain and strong winds, everything was okay. That night was our first dinner together, we all just got to sit down and relax and really begin to talk to each other and form bonds which were something I had wanted to get out of going on an Alternative Break.

The next morning we had to be up bright and early to go on our first day of service. The first company we were working with was called Ability 1st, they worked with those who had disabilities and didn’t have the accessibility needed to do something we often take for granted, leave their house. That morning I volunteered to paint the back laundry room for this family, another girl came with me and we really bonded through working together in order to get the room painted to the best of our abilities. After we finished painting we were able to join the rest of our group outside to help with the bigger project, building a wheelchair ramp.

This was something a lot of us had never done before so it was a little intimidating. Our contractor was thankfully very understanding and patient and he worked with us and taught us how to use all the different power tools. During this time we had all begun to form very close bonds, we were able to have fun while still being serious about the task at hand which made it that much better and more fulfilling.

The following day we went to the second service project for our break which was volunteering at an all special education school. It was very eye-opening to work with the teachers and see the ways they run their classroom in response to their children’s needs. I requested to work with preschoolers, an age I had always loved to work with growing up. A majority of the kids in the class had no disability at all and were simply just attending preschool, but some of the children had disabilities of all types. Through working with these children, I was able to really grasp how to approach situations and what the best way to connect with children with these disabilities is.


Wednesday came faster than we all could have thought and we returned to the same project we had worked on the first day. This time I was able to use the drill to screw in nails, use the power saw to cut wood to the correct lengths and we also did some yard work to help out the family. We didn’t end the day until around 6 at night and it was amazing to be able to look at all the progress we had made during the week and really reflect on the difference we were making in these peoples lives.

The next day followed the same as Tuesday, I returned to the same class I was in and helped out the teacher. This day was different in the sense that I really got to work and interact with the kids, one of them had a little crush on me and didn’t leave my side throughout the course of the day which was adorable. At the end of the day, I was sad, I didn’t want to leave the kids knowing I would probably never see them again. They all gave me big hugs and thanked me for coming and playing with them during the week and that in itself made what I was doing worth it.


Friday we were tasked with building another wheelchair ramp but this time at a different location with different contractors. Now that we had known how to work all the power tools and the basics of ramp building the day seemed to go smoother. A moment I will never forget is when I was drilling screws into the boards and I looked up, an older man in a wheelchair was sitting at the door, watching all of us. Earlier that morning we had watched his family struggle to get him out of the house, having to use old wooden steep stairs in order to get them into the car. Knowing they had to do that every time he wanted to leave the house motivated all of us to get the ramp done to provide them with the accessibility they deserved. Although we didn’t get the entire thing done, we still got a good portion of it put together which was something we were all proud of ourselves for.


Saturday was our excursion day, an opportunity to do what we wanted as a group, so naturally being in Florida, we decided to go to the beach. Our original plan was to go to Panama City Beach, but unfortunately, it had not yet been rebuilt from the devastating damaged caused by the recent Hurricanes. So instead we decided to travel to St. George Island where we spent the day on the beach, after that we went to a souvenir shop and ended the day with some much-needed ice cream. This day was amazing, it was fun to just relax and have fun with the group, I had bonded with so many people and it was fun to make memories with them.

Overall this trip had such a positive impact on me, although we had a few bumps in the road, it was still such an amazing and fulfilling trip. Every night following dinner we would have something called reflection, which really allowed for us to reflect upon the day we just had and discuss what types of things each of us was feeling. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the break and it was something I looked forward to each and every night. It made me realize just how privileged I am, to be able to go on a trip like this, to go to college, to be able-bodied, it was all things I took for granted. My site leaders really inspired me to get more involved, not only in my community but in the Alternative Breaks program. I want to be able to provide and facilitate the best possible breaks for each and every group so everyone can have an as amazing as an experience as I did on my break.

If you go to CMU, check out Alternative Breaks and sign up for one, it is an experience you will never forget and will provide a lifetime of memories and life lessons! Search your school’s website to see if they have an Alternative Breaks program, a lot of colleges do but students may not know about them! Get involved, make a difference in your community and most importantly don’t take what you have for granted, there is always someone in need and we are all privileged in our own ways.

A special shoutout to my group, thank you for being the best group I could have ever wanted! Thanks for putting up with me all week and contributing to some amazing memories!

Check out Central Michigans Alternative Breaks program here!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Have any of you ever been on an Alternative Break?

Please feel free to comment any questions below about anything! Also if you have any situations you want advice on comment those as well! You can also dm me on instagram: liveitwithkarla or email me: lifewithkarla@gmail.com!

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College Organization Tips!

If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University! I post lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below! Follow my blog instagram here!

So obviously staying organized in college can be a huge struggle, but here are some of my tips for staying organized in college!

  • Google Calendar 

So I use google calendar for everything! I use to add in my classes, work schedule, sorority events and any other events I have going on! I also will add due dates for important assignments as well as exams and quizzes. In addition, there is also an add-on for Google Calendar called Google Tasks. It is basically a checklist that I use for all my assignments, readings, grocery lists and any other reminders I have for the week.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 4.36.22 PM.png

  • Physical Planner

I personally don’t use a physical planner much, just because they aren’t very useful to me. However, keeping a physical planner and using it like I use google calendar is essentially the same thing! Some people prefer physical planners and other prefer digital planners! A huge part of doing the best you can in college is staying organized and on top of assignments to prevent forgetting about them and possibly an important quiz or exam!

  • Inputting all assignments from syllabus in a planner

A big thing that has lead to my success in college is going through my syllabi as soon as I get them and putting in all assignments, exams and important dates in my planner. This allows me to visualizes my weeks and how much work I have to complete as well as it prevents me from missing any important assignments and deadlines. I find it also keeps me on top of my assignments and I have done so much better in all of my classes since I started doing this.

  • Keep backpack and workspace organized 

I am so guilty of just throwing random things in my backpack and at the end of the semester I have to clean out all the clutter and unnecessary things. Not only does this crowd my backpack but it makes finding things a lot harder. In addition, keeping my desk clean is a must in order to keep my motivation up. If I come home and my desk is dirty and cluttered I won’t want to do any of my homework. I usually take time each night to clean both my desk and my backpack just to ensure everything is as organized as possible.

  • Identify an effective note-taking strategy

When I first came to college I didn’t really know how to take notes so I would write everything my professor said down and my notes became a big, jumbled, unorganized mess. It is so important to identify a system that is both effective and neat, to ensure you are not only picking out the most important material but you are retaining the information as well. I personally use different colors for different things, for example, I use black for headings, blue for information under the heading, red for definitions and green for any super important information.


There are some of my college organization tips that have helped me do the best I can in college! I hope you guys enjoyed!


What are some of your organization tips for college?

If you guys have any more/specific questions about college or life, in general, ask me them on Twitter or Instagram!

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My Goals For 2019!

If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University! I post lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below!

So last year I did the same post but for 2018 and I actually accomplished some of those goals! So I wanted to do the same this year to give me something to look at and hold myself accountable for! So here are my goals for 2019:

  • Reach 2,000 Followers on this Blog

As of right now, I am at almost 1,300 followers on this blog which I am so thankful for! But as I head into the new year I want to begin keeping to a weekly upload schedule in order to really grow my blog! I also want to start different series like a weekly Q & A and advice post, what do you guys think? If you want to follow or subscribe for more of my content click here or to the side of this blog!

  • Reach 500 Followers on Blog Instagram

So I have recently started a new Instagram for my blog in order to connect with fellow bloggers and really promote my content! I have been on the fence about doing this for a while because I always link my personal Instagram but sometimes I feel weird posting my content to there because it has all of my friends and family on it! So with that being said my Instagram for my blog is liveitwithkarla!

  • Begin My Fitness Journey 

So for a while, I have been wanting to lose weight but with class, work and sorority it has been super hard to eat healthily and work out. But this year I am not using any excuses and I am going to start eating good and working out! I want to try intermittent fasting as it fits in perfectly with my schedule and I have a terrible snacking at night problem that I need to get rid of! If any of you have tried intermittent fasting and have tips please comment them below!

  • Develop My Photography Skills

Yesterday I made the decision to finally invest in a camera, which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time now! So I bought a Nikon D3200 from a friend, and I am so excited to get to learn all of the ins and outs of photography and really just develop the passion I have always had! If any of you have any beginner photography tips please comment them below I would really appreciate it!

  • Continue Doing Well In College

I have been doing pretty well throughout my college career and this past semester I ended up with 4 A’s and 1 B-, I will do a separate post reflecting on this semester and my classes but going into the spring semester I want to start off as strong as I did this semester in order to end up with the same success.

  • Connect With Other Bloggers

So recently I joined the Gals on the Go facebook page which was developed from the gals on the go podcast which I highly recommend you guys go give it a listen, you can listen here. It has given the opportunity to connect with other girl bosses and just air out my struggles, getting tips, and just networking in general! So with that being said if any of you want to connect and just have someone to talk to my email/dms are always open! My email is lifewithkarla@gmail.com and all of my social media is listed below!

These are just a few of my goals for 2019 and I hope I can accomplish all of them! Comment some of your goals down below!


If you guys have any more/specific questions about college or life, in general, ask me them on Twitter or Instagram!

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My Sorority Experience!

If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University! I post lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below! 

As some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram, I recently joined a sorority! It has been such an eye-opening experience and I wanted to reflect on the pros and cons of joining a sorority and share my personal experience!

So back in September, I went to the Zeta Theta Pi info night. I was so excited and nervous to join a sorority, I had never considered myself a ‘sorority girl’ so this was a big step for me. One of the main reasons I wanted to join was to make friends and get to know different people. My freshman year was very rough and it affected how outgoing I was and making friends was a scary process because I never knew if I was deserving of such amazing people.

Pushing that fear aside I went through the process of joining ZTP, which included 2 weeks of recruitment followed by 6 weeks of new member period which is basically where we got to know the ins and outs of sorority and we got to know all of the sisters. Once I made it through the 6 weeks I was officially a sister of Zeta Theta Pi, and it was such a good feeling. Now that I have made it through a semester, I have the ability to go back and reflect on my experience in hopes to provide some of you with an idea of what to expect.


  • Meeting and making amazing friends

Of course one of the best perks of joining a sorority is making so many amazing friends. The first few weeks were hard because I didn’t really know any of the sisters so I had to force myself to get out of my comfort zone and introduce myself and talk to them. My class became very close because we were with each other all the time and we planned a retreat and sleepover which has been one of my favorite memories so far. If you are not a ‘people person’, don’t let that hold you back from joining a sorority, there is always going to be someone like you and you will always be able to make those amazing connections!

  • Getting opportunities to volunteer/give back 

So my sorority is actually a service sorority rather than a social sorority which means we do not go through the traditionally rushing process. One of the things I have fallen in love with is the service aspect, from making cards for children at St. Jude to volunteering at our universities Christmas Outreach, it has all been so fulfilling. That is one of the main things that drew me to my sorority is their focus on service, it is important to find something in a sorority you are passionate about whether that be their values, philanthropy or the things they are known for.


  • Time commitment

Sorority has definitely taken up a large chunk of my life, which isn’t for everyone. During my new member period, I had something to do basically every day of the week for sorority, and at times it did become very overwhelming. Before joining a sorority make it a point to ask how big the time commitment is, I know some sororities it may be just a couple days a week but for others, it can be a lot more. For me, being busy is something I wanted to happen because it keeps me on my toes and on top of things, but again if that is not for you then ask what time commitment may look like for your sorority!

  • Stress/Drama 

With any sorority, there is going to be some sort of drama, it is a factor that is unavoidable. Things happen that can cause stress and it can really suck sometimes, but everything will work out and be resolved. The stress can stem also from being busy a lot more than what you are used to, I know for me that is a lot of where my stress stemmed from. It is important not to get sucked into any drama or add to it, keep in mind why you joined the sorority and focus on that rather than any type of drama. 

Overall I am so happy I joined ZTP, it has brought so many amazing people into my life and that to me makes all the stress well worth it. If you are looking for a place to be yourself or just looking for a place where you feel as though you ‘fit in’ then consider rushing or joining an academic sorority/fraternity. If you guys have any questions or want advice please feel free to comment or email me at lifewithkarla@gmail.com.


Are you guys apart of a sorority? If so which one?

If you guys have any more/specific questions about college or life, in general, ask me them on Twitter or Instagram!

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Recruitment Week 2018: Why I Decided to Join a Sorority

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If you are new to my blog hello! My name is Karla and I am a sophomore at Central Michigan University! I post lifestyle and college-related posts and would love if you would subscribe to this blog to keep up with me and of course follow all my social media listed below! 

So this year I made a decision that I thought I would never make, I wanted to join a sorority. This decision is a hard one to make, not only because of how nerve-racking it can be as a whole but because I don’t look like the ‘typical’ sorority girl. All of my life I have struggled with my identity and where I fit in best, being mixed, I didn’t know if I should embrace my black side, mainly because I grew up with my white side of the family.

With that being said, I decided to put this fear aside and just go with my heart, and I am so happy I did. My best friend joined a sorority last year and I just remember how many friends she made from the whole process and how truly happy it made her, so I thought why not. The sorority I decided to go with isn’t apart of Greek life on campus, which means we don’t participate in rush week, dues are a lot less expensive, and the most appealing part to me is the fact that they are based on service instead of the social aspect commonly associate with sororities.

So I attended the info night, just to get a better look at what the sorority had to offer and meet some of the sisters. I instantly fell in love, not only because my best friend was apart of the group but also all of the other sisters were so kind and inviting, it made me feel like I was already apart of their family as cheesy as that sounds.

Following info night we had 2 weeks of recruitment, which included a craft night where we made a goal-oriented craft, service night where we made cards and leis for a local children’s hospital, speed dating where we got to go around and meet all the sisters and talk to them, a potluck where we got a tour of the house and some amazing food and a couple more events.

Throughout these 2 weeks of recruitment, I got to know a couple of the sisters pretty well and just felt as though the overall vibe of the sorority fit perfect with what I was looking for. I also got to know a lot of the girls in my recruitment class who I would be going through the whole bid process with and made a good friend, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to join a sorority in the first place. Overall the recruitment process was a lot of fun and reinforced the fact that I did make the right decision to go out for this sorority.

Then came bid day, to say I was nervous was an understatement. Basically how the sorority does it is we had to all be in our rooms by 5:00pm, we had to be in a white t-shirt and jeans as well. So when 5 o’clock rolled around I began to get nervous, I had to reassure myself that even if I didn’t receive a bid I would be okay, the process was all worth it in the end. As the minutes passed I finally received a knock at my apartment door, and when I opened it I was greeted with a circle of sisters I had gotten to known over the past two weeks, with smiling faces they sang me their recruitment song and asked if I would accept my bid, I, of course, said yes.

At that moment I had reached a level of happiness I hadn’t felt in a very long time, like I was finally apart of a group of amazing girls who would accept me no matter what, as cheesy as that sounds, it was the feeling of becoming a sister. When I tell you guys I couldn’t stop smiling I mean it, I almost cried I was so happy. After we picked up a couple more girls apart of my class we went back to the house where we were greeted by the rest of the sisters, and I was able to share the happiness with my class.

If somebody would have told me last year, that in a years time I would be apart of a sorority I would have never believed it. I never thought I would be ‘that girl’, but look at me now, I’m only 3 weeks in and I’ve met so many amazing girls and feel as though I’ve finally found my place here at Central.

I encourage any girl or guy out there who is hesitant to go out for a sorority, frat or even an organization, do it. Take the chance because you will regret it if you don’t, ask yourself ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen?’. You only spend a small period of your life in college, make the most of it, make amazing memories that will last a lifetime, be happy, embrace who you are and never be ashamed to show it. I already regret not joining sooner because I know this is going to be a journey that I will remember forever, and it will provide me with memories and friendships I will carry on for my entire life.

Special note to my best friend, thank you for pushing me to join you and be a part of this amazing group of girls, I will be forever thankful for you.


Are you guys apart of a sorority/frat? What has been your expierence so far?

If you guys have any more/specific questions about college or life, in general, ask me them on Twitter or Instagram!

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